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Tag: computers

Nano-Scale #CyberSecurity #TechNews

An atomic-scale fingerprint could boost the security of connected devices, according to British scientists who have developed it. The tiny identity tags are essentially tiny imperfections in the building blocks […]

RBS no one heard of rainy day plans ?

Rainy day, contingency, does no one plan for something going wrong any more. Of course it’s not acceptable what has happened with RBS YET AGAIN , but does no one […]

Cyber attack takes down Dutch government sites

A #cyberattack took down most of the Dutch government’s websites on Tuesday, it has been confirmed. The attack, which also took down some private sites, highlighted the vulnerability of public […]

Sony PlayStation Hacked Again

Sonys PlayStation network has been shut down after cyber-attackers overloaded it in whats known as a distributed denial of service attack.In a blog post Sony said that no personal information […]

Facebook launches new image messaging app

Facebook has launched a photo-messaging app one week after accidentally releasing it on Apples app store.Known as Slingshot, the apps features include sharing photos and videos with friends and sending […]

Where Will Technology Be In 5 Years Time?

IBM has released its list of five predicted technological innovations over the next five years. This year’s 5 In 5 list looks at “how computers will mimic the senses” and […]