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Here we will update the progress of our Solar Panel investment. We installed a 3.9Kw system in November 2011.


The system has now fully repaid the capital investment and is returning pure profit now.

During April the inverter failed on the system. This was replaced under warranty and the remainder of the warranty transferred to the replacement.


May 2019 FIT Payment should see our investment returned in full. The return time will be 7.5 Years. This is less than the predicted timing of between 8.5 and 9 years suggested by earlier generation figures.

The system is supported by FIT payments for a further 17.5 years. At the current rate this would generate a maximum of £28,900. The actual Return On Investment will be approximately 13% Per Annum.

It is recognised that the panels will begin to deteriorate from around the age of 15 years and a further capital cost may be incurred to replace the panels, however the cost of panels and their efficiency have improved dramatically since we installed the system. It is also recognised that the inverter could require replacement over the coming years. Where this cost reduces income by £10,000 the overall return remains excellent at 10% Per Annum.


As an all electric home, the returns from solar have covered the entire energy costs since installation. While the outlay is not yet fully returned, it is scheduled to be so within the next 18 months. Once the initial investment is returned the ‘real’ return rate can be calculated accurately, although estimations at this point set the returns at around 13.50% annually for at least 10 more years. At this stage the true ROI is -21.14% after 5.9 years.

Many comment that this investment is subsidised falsely by government and consumers by the incentives on the feed-in tariff that was secured at the time of investment. When measured against investments in the stock markets over the years this has been a very successful investment. All types of investment carry risk and in this instance having funds available to secure the highest tariff guaranteed for 25 years was extremely fortunate. While there is a level of support there is also clear logic that to help combat ever increasing energy costs an investment in solar has successfully helped defend against the rising prices. The only other alternative to off-set energy price rises is to invest directly into the energy sector and target that largest dividend payers, thereby reducing your energy bills from the dividends received. There is more risk involved with this and your capital is also not only at risk but is also tied up for many years.

Looking into the future at the point the efficiency of generation begins to diminish, a review of the panels will be required and a likely further capital investment will be required to replace the 16 panels, although at that stage the efficiency and cost of panels will be much reduced.

MARCH 2015 TO JUNE 2017

Projections provided with the original installation quotation are largely being met and we are on track for a payback period of 7.63 years, an improvement over the previous period report but on track with original estimations.

Monitoring the monthly generation gives an interesting view into the weather patterns in the area and might be a useful graph to produce for this page


The generator has been changing systems during this last period which has delayed the latest figures by 6 months. The expectation is that we are on track, looking at a return period of 8.8 years in total.

Annual generation is on track in year three to match previous years totals. Investment return in real money annually = 11.1% . Return on investment estimate 7.8 years. Installed years = 3.4 years. Cumulative real money return = £4847.00


Annual generation is on track in year three to match previous years totals.

Investment return in real money annually = 12.54% . Return on investment estimate 7.8 years. Installed years = 2.8 years.

Cumulative real money return = £4467.00


Investment return in real money =11.48% or £1605.00. Return on investment estimate 8.6 years. Installed years = 2.2 years.

Cumulative real money return = £3240.00


Investment return in real money = 13.3% or £1696.00. Return on investment estimate 8.6 years at this point.


Generation good, investment return in real money = 10.7% or £1360.00

Updated return on investment = 8.07 years


Generation has increased again. Updated return on investment time = 9.6 years. Return on investment interest = 6.14%

MAR 2012 Solar is soaring this month, at the time of writing on 28th March, 299 units had been generated and the quarterly payment is estimated to be £220 at least. This shows that the system is on track for at least £1000 per year return. The savings on electricity bills is also stacking up with approximately 10 units per day being credited to the system, by July we will have a clearer indication of just how much savings have been made financially. Charts have been updated below.

FEB 2012 generation up at approx 5 units per day so far, will outstrip January easily. Installation photo added below.

The total generation in FEB 2012 was around 120 units, and March is already setting high bars. Today (7th) we generated 15.2 units.

GENERATION STATISTICS @ 31 December 2012 – Install Date October 2011

The completed installation. 18 panels 3.9Kw output.


  1. I’ve always felt that Nuclear power is the way forward in power generation though Fusion is sometime off probably 30-40 yrs. Thorium based nuclear looks very promising not only in terms of safety and fuel availability but also in the fact that the amount of toxic waste is minimal and has a half life of about 50yrs. Thorium reactors can’t produce weapon grade material which is obviously a big bonus.
    Abundant energy is the key to building a civilised society. Affluence means better educational facilities, Hospitals and the ability to care for the weak and disadvantaged. It helps lower the birth rate because there is no need to rely on children for welfare or labour. Affluent nations can better look after their environment with advancements in technology. In this way we can sustain growth rather than curtail it so bringing to the world ‘s poor and repressed a decent and comfortable life. Instead of spending £trillions on so called ‘climate change’ (climate has always changed) we should be addressing more pressing problems of world poverty and developing new technologies to deal with any problems as (or if) they arise.
    I am very opptomistic about the future of the World’s environment and the ability of human engenuity to safeguard this amazing planet.

    Generating power by wind I’m afraid is not good technology. In fact it is a lousy way to produce electricity and the savings on carbon emissions are either minimal or non existent. See this link and decide for yourself…

    I can see you like your pie charts etc so you may find this an interesting data page on UK power production. It gives you an idea of how useless wind is. With a total generating capacity of approximately 6500MW the whole of the UK wind industry is producing a piddling 100MW or 0.1% of demand which is about 30,000MW today….NOT GOOD when you realise that we are paying out £1billion in subsidies annually to just 15 mainly foreign companies and a large number of land owners.

    There is a free APP called UK GRID CARBON or You can download data information on UK power generation at the following link……

    I hope you find all this interesting and I sincerely hope that this information may help you question the folly (in my opinion) of festooning our beautiful Angus with these grotesque machines.

    I will refrain from commenting on Banks and Government it only raises my blood pressure!!!


  2. Well at least you’re honest you’re in it purely for the money, none of this ‘I’m helping to save the planet’ Eco-babble. On this basis I hope your investment is succesful but I do feel for folks who are in fuel poverty (900,000 in Scotland)

    ‘For many Greenies the primary psychological effect is one of delusion. People are lulled into a sense of self-satisfaction: that they are self sufficient when in fact they are entirely reliant on subsidy; and that they are helping to save carbon when in fact they are diverting funds away from better options that would save far more carbon. I predict a backlash in a couple of years when the Daily Mail & co realise how much money is being wasted on this.’

    However it’s worth noting that CO2 is NOT a pollutant. It is vital for life itself and if the concentration in the atmosphere falls below 138ppm plants will not survive so neither will we. Paleoclimate studies show that CO2 levels have been as high as 1000ppm and more. The planet didn’t go into meltdown.
    Human contribution to CO2 atmospheric concentration is, at present levels 2ppm/year. At this rate it will take approximately 350yrs to reach the 1000ppm level where plants and animal really thrives(ask anyone with a greenhouse). By that time I’m sure human ingenuity will have solved our power production problems (Nuclear Fusion?) and our descendants will look back incredulously how we were suckered to squander £trillions on something which was never a problem in the first place.

    You’re right……’s too short


    • Thanks for your reply . You’re clearly informed in this area and interested, although none of your responses indicate a possible solutuion to these “issues” other than nuclear fusion! I feel that the scientists will develop a solution to the energy issue, probably fusion. If you want to see some more info on fusion go here: – or
      I just wonder what governments will do next to keep the general population terrified and under their thumbs ? In my time it has been – threat of nuclear war, climate change now the banking crisis. Once the energy crisis and banking crisis pass what will they think up next?


  3. Sorry to be negative but…….

    3.9Kv is just about enough to boil a kettle ( if there’s strong sunlight)


    Hexafluoroethane which has a global warming potential that is 12,000 times higher than CO2, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). It is 100 percent manufactured by humans, and survives 10,000 years once released into the atmosphere. Also produced is Nitrogen trifluoride. It is 17,000 times more virulent than CO2, and SF6 also a product, the most treacherous greenhouse gas, is over 23,000 times more threatening.

    Remember the subsidies you receive are being paid for by your neighbours (through the climate change levy) who may not be able to afford such an investment. Hopefully for you the very generous FITs will not be reduced by a strapped for cash government who might wish to spend the subsidy money on the NHS, Schools, pensions and helping those in fuel poverty etc.

    It’s going to take 12 years to pay back your investment by which time the panels will probably have reached their effective lifespan and more than likely will have to be replaced. The effect of dirt,fungi, mould and bird poo etc also affects their efficiency quite considerably (see what happens if you don’t clean your windows for a couple of years)

    Was this explained to you?

    Will be interesting to see what April, May and June produce it’s been a lousy summer so far.


    • There’s April and May updated for you.
      Cleaning was explained. This was purely an investment decision and returns are promising compared to leaving the money in a bank. It was never explained to me that banks would literally rob me of my income in years to come and bring whole nations to their knees, so I decided to invest in solar. I’m sure I could list an impressive array of harmful pollutants produced from absolutely every manufactured item known to man – but hey life is simply too short.


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