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All about Forfar Angus Scotland

Global Warming NASA suggests the culprit This graphic gives a clear indicator that GREENHOUSE gasses are responsible for the rise in temperatures over many many years. Behind the struggle to address global warming and climate […]

The Troika – Why the bad guys ?

Why is the Troika of rescuers now seen as the bad guys in the Greek Debt Crisis? The Troika of lenders came to the rescue of Greece, the EU, ECB […]

How the compact disc lost its shine

Thirty years ago this month, Dire Straits released their fifth album, Brothers in Arms. En route to becoming one of the best-selling albums of all time, it revolutionised the music […]

Secret Bank of England – Europe – LOL

   Bank of England officials are secretly researching the financial shocks that could hit Britain if there is a vote to leave the European Union in the forthcoming referendum. The […]

Apple’s tablets not so hot cakes

Booming #iPhone sales were the driving force behind Apple’s record revenues in the final quarter of 2014, with its $18bn net profit the largest quarterly profit reported by any company. […]

New venture for #TheBigKirk

This week a new venture for The East and Old Parish Church opens its doors to the public. The church is fundraising to redevelop the town centre building, providing a […]

Calling all local Angus writers

Move over Bridget Jones, Adrian Mole, the Wimpy Kid and Samuel Pepys, the Tartan Treasures Competition 2015 is looking for prize-winning diary entries about a treasured Scottish memory. The Tartan […]

Fred Bennett’s #CuffLinks

Further Details:   Information Stainless steel cufflinks with gold, brown and rose gold PVD Materials Stainless Steel Product Collection No Dimensions No Special Features N/A Gemstones No Gemstones via Fred […]

UK total national debt 1.43 trillion

Ed Milliband’s recent embarrassing conference speech mistake – the bit where he forgot to mention the deficit – led to much talk about how important dealing with it is. Given […]

The Fabled Robin Redbreast We see a lot of robins at this time of year, particularly on Christmas cards, because in the past the postmen wore red tunics and were nicknamed ‘Robins’, so […]

Saudi Arabia’s Frankenstein ?

ISIS – Created by Saudi Arabia and now uncontrollable ? THE INDEPENDENT Have Saudi Arabia created a Frankenstein they can no longer control ? –  This article in THE INDEPENDENT […]

New referendum campaign – #GBUKRef

  With the referendum in Scotland now over and the results known. The United Kingdom or Great Britain now needs to run a new referendum campaign, perhaps alongside the General […]

Hacked – biological warfare studies Security researchers have uncovered a group of hackers that broke into 300 banks, corporations and governments for 12 years without being caught. The hacker collective from Germany exploited […]

Project Fear continues under BBC

The BBC continue to peddle project fear propaganda littering it throughout it’s programs during the #indyref campaign. The last few days of The #JeremyVine  have been biased beyond belief and today introducing […]

Convert to Apple ?

Apple launches the new #iWatch and yet another incarnation of the iPhone  the iPhone6 . The run up in the media was in overdrive speculating on the concept, the designs, the size. Apple […]

Queen horrified at #indyref prospects.

href=””&gt; <br The Queen is said to be privately horrified at the prospect of Scotland voting for independence from the UK. It is believed the referendum – which could make […]