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RBS no one heard of rainy day plans ?

Rainy day, contingency, does no one plan for something going wrong any more. Of course it’s not acceptable what has happened with RBS YET AGAIN , but does no one […]

Secret Bank of England – Europe – LOL

   Bank of England officials are secretly researching the financial shocks that could hit Britain if there is a vote to leave the European Union in the forthcoming referendum. The […]

Oil at the roulette table

As the super rich oil barons and market traders play at the roulette table that represents the crude oil and related industries the direct impact of their detachment from the […]

Not in my name ! #NoToWar

    David Cameron is building a case for the UK to go to war in the middle east. Is there no alternative ? A less active role, more intelligence support, […]

Saudi Arabia’s Frankenstein ?

ISIS – Created by Saudi Arabia and now uncontrollable ? THE INDEPENDENT Have Saudi Arabia created a Frankenstein they can no longer control ? –  This article in THE INDEPENDENT […]

Burger King US Tax inversion move

Burger King’s decision to move its tax base from the US to Canada has resulted in boycott threats from angry US customers. Its takeover of the popular Tim Hortons coffee-and-doughnut chain, […]

Scottish Independence – Will Spin Kill it ?

Alerted today to this story in The Telegraph -> How naive and stupid I’ve been to think that for once, our political representatives in Scotland, might be above the […]

Scotland 2017 ……..

Important referendum milestone – 30/05/14. It marks the start of the formal, 16-week regulated campaigning period. We invited actor David Hayman and some of our supporters to join us to celebrate this […]

The facts on the UK economy | Full Fact

.    According to the Chancellor, recent good news on the economy has “decisively ended the controversy” about the correct direction for economic policy in the Government’s favour. The big picture […]

Redundant soldiers, sailors & airmen being ripped off.

If you are concerned about this story then write to your MP, MEP, or MSP If you are concerned about this story then write to your MP, MEP, or […]

Government – engage – don’t moan and do nothing!

Find your MP Find your MSP Contact your MP here: See the expenses being charged by your MP

Get the most out of our MP’s

Today and over the weekend, we learn that two thirds of our MP’s don’t feel they are paid enough. Today we learn that parliament will be powerless to decline a […]