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Dancing in – Forfar

Kim Devine School of Dance

Dancing in – Dundee

Dundee Dance Factory

Dancing in – Fife

Auchmithie Village Hall: – Tuesday’s 7-8 (beginners); 8-9 (dancers) – DD11 5SY – Iain Johnstone – Tel: 07857 639369

Social Dancing Information

Jack & Thelma

St Peter & Pauls Church Hall


Monday Evening Regular Dancing :

Ballroom & Sequence Hosted by Jack and Thelma Robertson, normally to CD Music.

EVERY MONDAY EVENING – 7:30pm to 9:30pm (approx)

£3 entrance fee.

Tea break – cake and biscuits – bring your own cups.

Saturday Night Dancing – Peter & Avril:




Dancing – Balmullo Village Hall

See the Balmullo website for further details

Sunday Afternoon High Tea Dancing

Invercarse Hotel, Dundee.

Dates for 2020

February 23rd

October 25th

(all dances on Sunday’s from 1.30pm to 6.00pm)

For tickets and information call George or Sheila on 07837734383

Kingsmuir Hall Dance Club

Every Saturday evening 7:30pm

Old-time dancing to LIVE bands.

Program Dates and Bands

Auchmithie – Social Dance Classes




  1. Hi my male friend has been going to various tea dancing mostly in Dundee area..he lives in Forfar..desperate to find something in Forfar area and also looking for a partner to dance with ..any advice welcome..thanks


  2. Hello Ian, I’m a registered Fellow and Examiner IDTA, I also run advanced medal classes etc in Forfar and Colliston, I have a Scottish ballroom site for Teachers etc and I am training professionals by way of a training programme. If you’re interested and want further information please contact Kim Devine.

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  3. Hi, I’ve been running a Tuesday night ballroom classes here in Auchmithie for some while now for beginners and improvers and wonder if it would be possible to put some information on your blog?

    Regards Iain Johnstone
    UKA Registered Teacher


  4. Thank you Angus, I will look forward to participating.I have been trying to promote Ballroom Dance in Scotland for a long time. Thank you for the opportunity to raise awareness of our New Site SCOTTISH BALLROOM CLUB. Apart from dancers interaction I am eager to inform them of my new FREE : (Kim’s advice service)which will provide, Teachers, dancers, beginners to Advanced with sound technical solutions whether they are unsure of a a step, Variation or dance I look forward to hearing from them.

    Kindest regards
    Kim Devine
    Fellow and Examiner IDTA


  5. Thank you Angus, I have been promoting Ballroom Dance in Scotland for a long time now, holding events etc. I thought this may be a good opportunity to draw dancers attention to my ( Kim’s free advice service) which could help beginner and advanced Teachers and Dancers when they are in need of technical advice. I will look forward to the emails on Dance Diary.
    Kindest regards
    Kim Devine
    Fellow and Examiner IDTA


  6. Hello I’m Kim,I do not advertise too much as my dance Shedule is mostly full, however I’m always happy to teach people to dance Ballroom, it brings such a lot of joy to people’s lives.I must say this is a very good site and would like to take the opportunity to tell you of the NEW site I have created called the SCOTTISH BALLROOM DANCE is aimed at all dancers who would like to share their POSATIVE news and views, arrange Tea dances, parties etc. Uniquely I will be on hand to give beginners free expert advice on steps and variations. We have only been running a few days and already have approx 20 members. I very much look forward to hearing from you.
    Kim Devine

    Keep up to date…


  7. HI angus john devine from kd dance school here just to let people
    know we are looking for experienced dancers to train in competitive
    dance and formation team work in ballroom and latin
    your website very informative helpful thanks again
    john devine


  8. I think my Father would enjoy a tea dance. He lives in Dundee, but unfortunately he does not have a partner to go with. Are there people go to the dances on their own or are they all couples?


  9. Hi

    I am first year student in St Andrews University and am dancing ballroom & latin american dances for approximately 4 years.
    So is it possible to join group of ballroom & latin american dancing for intermediate students?
    Can you please tell me more about any of options you have for me.

    Many thanks,


    • I, thanks for the query. I generally list social dances that are in the local area. I’ not too clear on what sources of learning dance are available to you at intermediate level. Dundee College used to run dance classes, but generally in Tayside anyway, teaching classes are pretty much non-existent at this time. If anyone out there knows otherwise feel free to post the update here. Thanks


  10. Hi, my father is 80 on sat 18th June and I wanted to take him and my mother (a few others too) to a tea dance that day. They were great dancers in their day and still love to have a dance. Any suggestions on where to go – preferably that day? I don’t live in Dundee myself so would be very grateful for any help.


  11. Hi myself and my partner are getting married and we would like to learn how to dance properly for our wedding. We are beginners and would love some advice on what classes to go to? Perhaps the Monday evening ones?


  12. As new converts to the world of ballroom dancing its nice to see the variety of local places listed on your website where we can go and improve our dancing. However its a pity that many of the dates clash.
    We dance regularly with George and Sheila in Balmullo and are particularly enjoying their Monday night tea dances with their mix of social dancing and sequence lessons. We have learned some older favourites but also brand new dances straight off the press and would recommend it to anyone looking to learn sequence or simply just to have fun revisiting the well known dances.


  13. Hi, I,ve been looking for dancers/instructors to co-ordinate a tea dance in the function suite of a local pub in dundee. I was thinking of an afternoon mid-week. If anyone is free for this kind of event I would love to talk to you. Many thanks. Lisa.


  14. Hi, just found your website “ballroom-dancing-diary” and wondered if you have seen mine. It is a list of dance venues, primarily in and around Glasgow, but with some venues (such as yours above) throughout Scotland. May I include a link to your site? Perhaps you would like to put in a link to mine.
    Best regards

    Angus Replies: Absolutely, anything that promotes the activity. Will update the site soon. Best Regards


  15. Thanks very much for your web site , it as now introduced us to Sequence dancing at the british legion Arbroath and the lovely friendly people the teachers Jack & Jean are very helpful and its fun . which puts back what was missing in our lives. We also go to Ceroc which is unbelievable far far better than any medal class

    Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I’m really pleased it has been useful for you.
    So glad you too are enjoying your dancing and yes the folks at Arbroath are very friendly. We have only gone a couple of times there but will be going back once the light nights come in.
    When you see some new faces you will have to introduce yourself.
    Thanks again for your comment.


  16. Hi am in desperate need of youngish ballroom, latin american, salsa and ceroc instructors for an Angus Secondary Schools event. I am the Dance Support Officer for the council.
    Please contact me if you can help or for more details.


  17. Super to see your list of dances, did not know about any of these. Thanks, Sheila

    Angus Replies: – Thanks Sheila, I regularly update so look back sometimes.

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