Britannia Hotels Limited – #britanniahotels #colymbridgehotel

Britannia Hotels Limited have demonstrated how NOT to behave during a national pandemic. The management have shown a level of compassion and concern for their staff that is contemptible beyond belief. Beyond belief, well maybe not ? We are at the very beginning of something never before experienced and we are yet to see the true depths that ‘greed’ will go to. This example is but a tiny drop in what might come.

The difference will be the exposure of this sort of behaviour will be immediate and nation or worldwide. Who could have thought that a small hotel in Aviemore would feature on the mainstream news headlines for BBC1, such is the power of Social Media.

It is to highlight injustices and unfairness like this that Social Media should now take up it’s responsibility and help ‘tell it as it is’ – Tell the real life story, tell it quickly and bring the perpetrators right into the spotlight.

A quick look into Britannia Hotels Limited – Its confusing from the first search, there are multiple hotel accounts and multiple group accounts, but looking into Britannia Hotels Limited No2 shows a reasonably healthy set of accounts with a 2019 profit after tax of some £750,000. One strange item is the taxataion – £2M taxes on £2.75M profit but the year before some £12M profit and only around £2M taxes.

So what have Britannia Hotels got to gain from the appalling treatment of their staff ? Well they have an ‘opportunity’ here to farm out some of their hotels to the government. Think about that for a second – Full hotel rooms every night for even 3 months would generate significant compensation for any hotel group. That’s really attractive and worth some media flack for sacking your staff. Bet your bottom dollar the board room at Britannia Hotels have discussed and planned for this. The timing is amazing also, it’s at the beginning of a curve, it’s at the beginning of a wave of news that will bury the staff issue within a week or two. This is premeditated planned actions aimed at generating massive income for this group.