In what way are current electric vehicles attainable to the general public? #electricvehicles #attainability

In what way are the current batch of electric cars attainable for the average UK citizen. Bear in mind that a huge population who are very active and mobile are on fixed incomes and hugely restricted budgets.

Even for a high flyer earning the top end salary range would struggle to finance these vehicles. On top of massive mortgage or rent rates I think the cars currently available are attainable only to the very few richest in society.

1. £60,995.

2. £30,750

3. £32,995

4. £65,640

5. £35,980

6. 37,340

7. £27,575

8. £71,559 to £82,500

9. £29,300

10. £72,700

11. £39,600 leaf e+

12. £32,500

13. £19,695

The common thing to look for here is the type of car the ordinary public is likely to be able to attain. The smallest most basic models only, while the bigger more suitable family size car would stretch the best of incomes. Until such time as these prices begin to drop electric take up will remain low .

Drop into the discussion the various issues with range anxiety, lack of infrastructure, lack of actual generation capacity. There are many many more live issues that could affect our electric take up.