Prawns – from Scotland…. #greatbritishprawns #kingprawns #newfoodsource #buybritish #britishfood #sustainablefood

Great British Prawns Ltd is a pioneering aquaculture company with a mission to produce FRESH premium-quality King Prawns in the UK in a truly sustainable way. We have developed the UK’s first land-based, clear water King Prawn farm.

This is a great example of sustainable food sourcing. Available later this year the supply in UK will cut down on airmiles, allow full traceability and freshness should be as close to literally a day old at most. This is an exciting new supply chain and fits perfectly into our aims for 2020, hitting the sustainability target right in the bullseye! Do link through and read more about this exciting new prawn supply chain for UK.


Great British Prawns’ aim is to provide customers with a consistent, readily available supply of fresh, premium-quality locally grown King Prawns directly from the farm.

The farm we’ve developed is a world-first, giving the UK access for the first time to a local supply of environmentally friendly and, above all, delicious fresh King Prawns.

Using world-leading technology that minimises our impact on the environment and maximises animal welfare and efficiency, our production facility in central Scotland will be able to deliver fresh King Prawns harvested that day within a few hours’ drive of the farm.

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