Where does it come from – #wheredoesitcomefrom #ethicalclothing #ecoclothing #sustainablefashion

Ever wonder where your clothes come from and the journey they make. Have you ever considered the processes behind making clothes of any kind ? The steps from raw material to finished garment hanging there waiting for you to buy.

In 2020 sustainability is the watch word. The UK will host Climate Change Conference – COP26 in Glasgow 9-19 November 2020. We all need to change the way we think and act if we are to make any impact on cleaning up our planet and environment. So lets take the briefest look at the process of raw material to finished article.

The stages of the cotton processing till the final product please like,share and follow facebook.com/sonoffarmer1/

As you can see, the process from planting in the field to harvesting is in itself a massive resource hungry set of operations. The next step – Ginning involves a period of drying consuming large amounts of energy and giving employment to many people. Seed extraction is also part of ‘Ginning’:

Seed extraction actually provides the most material in percentage terms:

Australia exports 95% of all cotton grown there and this alone is enough to fashion some 500 million items to clothe people. Final stages involve spinning and knitting to form thread and create it into fabric, this is then washed and dyed and of course dried. The finished cloth is cut and then stitched together to make multiple products in factories across the world.

The finished products include cotton T Shirts which sell in the millions every year:

You can find more items for men, women and children here: https://business.facebook.com/CircleT2020/

There is also a wide range of ethical clothing available here: https://www.wheredoesitcomefrom.co.uk/shop/   – Where Does It Come From? is an award winning ethical fashion brand that creates high quality versatile clothing for all the family. Each garment comes with a code on the label so you can find the answers to these questions.

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