Help the environment in 2020. #recycle #environment #eco

One of the ways to help our environment is to recycle. We recycle in the hope that our waste is turned into something we can use again.

It’s not easy to understand what the full lifecycle of our waste really is. If you go to your council and ask them they will most likely respond by telling you the waste is contracted to ‘Biffa’ or some other simar waste management company. Ask the same council to explain exactly what the waste management company does with this waste and you are unlikely to get a clear answer if any. This will be the subject of further articles as I endeavour to find out exactly what happens to my local waste.

In the meantime crisp manufacturer Walkers are doing their very tiny bit by running a new return for recycling service. The motivation behind the move is due credit but the scale of the gesture is miniscule when compared to the numbers produced. Over SIX BILLION bags of crisps are sold every year, only in the UK ! Yep that is correct 6 Billion. The chance to recycle some is welcome but in the ideal word the bags should be manufactured in fully bio degradable materials in the first place.