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Start 2020 with sustainability in mind.

British business Rupanui stands out as a change in the shopping thought process. Producing organic clothing with full circle trace-ability is something new in clothing retail. A number of products sold by Rupanui are designed to be returned for re-use so the buyer contributes to the environment. Printed in the UK we bring you two of their products to check out for yourself:


Our lifelong mission is to make clothing sustainable.

100 billion items of clothing are bought each year, and with 3 out of 5 tees bought today thrown away within 12 months, that’s a dump truck of clothing going to landfill every second. When Mart was 5, he was worried about waste. Together with his brother Rob, they started a brand in the garden shed with a mission to solve it. Today the team continues that work.

Our products are made from natural materials, using renewable energy, and everything we make is designed from the start to be sent back when it is worn out. We make new products from the materials we recover. Instead of making waste, we make new products from it. It’s a circular supply chain.

And in our factory on the Isle of Wight, our t-shirts are produced in real time, in the seconds after they are ordered. We only make what people actually need, when they need it. The conscientious application of technology has enabled us to demonstrate that there is a different way of operating, and it works.

Every product we make is designed to be sent back to us when it is worn out.

We make new products from the material we recover, and the cycle itself is renewable. Our products can be returned and remade again and again and again. A pure material makes remanufacturing possible, and means products that are softer, and not harmful to the environment.

It’s free to send our products back to us, and we pay the postage in the UK. We’ll recover and remanufacture the material into a new product, and we’ll reward you with a coupon that you can use to save money on your next purchase.