The Plough Forfar turns into The Railway #pubsforfar #plough #ploughforfar #railwayforfar #therailway

The Plough Inn Forfar has transformed into The Railway. It is understood that Mr Martin Reid has taken ownership. Pub fitters from Tennents Brewery have been fitting out the premises over the last few weeks and the premises looked open today Wednesday 11th December. There is no current information about the new pub available online or to date in local news. The premises may not yet be officially opened. The Plough had a long history as a good quality venue for holding local band and dance activity and has a reasonably large capacity. At this stage it is not known what activities will be available at the renamed premises. In a tough economic climate it is an interesting move for Mr Reid, a quantity surveyor by trade and investor in property .

Controversy recently surrounded Mr Reid when flats and business premises owned or operated under his name were closed due to financial issues, described by Mr Reid as ‘an oversight’. The oversight led to a local hairdressing business closing it’s doors and undertaking a transformation to setup their business at The Old Reid Park bar premises. More on the story here:

Evicted Angus businesswomen transform former High Street pub into hair salon

Mr Reid has a long record of business interests with varying levels of success. This can be viewed at Companies House and makes for interesting reading.