Forces Charity Vandalised again in FORFAR – #vandalism #forfarvandals #disrespect

The Royal British Legion building in Academy Street Forfar has been vandalised again sometime during the evening of 6th December. A very angry Chair Person of the charity posted details on their website on the morning of 7th December saying:

One very angry chairperson. 😡Arrived at Forfar Legion at 8.30 to prepare for this mornings coffee morning to find yet more wanton damage to the Legion property.

When are the Police, Community Wardens, Councillors and Parents going to take responsibility for what happens in our towns?

There was CCTV at one point that deterred the kids getting up on our roof. Since it’s gone the kids please themselves without any consequences or punishment.Who is going to fix the wall? Who is going to clean it up? Who is going to find the idiots that did this?

Forfar Legion are a Charity that helps supports not only Veterans and Ex Service Personnel but the community at large. Who will support the Legion?

The damage includes tearing down of gable end and top wall coping stones, which appear to be thrown into the street below, with little regard for anyone who may have been walking by at the time. The wanton damage to the building is difficult to understand and even more difficult it seems to police.

Some local help will be forthcoming as the congregation at East & Old Parish Church held a retiring offering on Sunday 8th December, that was planned well ahead of this incident, the donation should go a little way to help with costs of repair. Local offers of support have been expressed through the facebook page of the charity and no doubt the generosity of our local community will shine through and help the Legion with the substantial bills to carry out rectification of the damage.

The area of Academy Street also suffers continual vandalism to the boundary walls that surround the large car park for B&M and Academy Street Surgery, stone is regularly torn off this wall and tossed into the car park.

The time to extend the town CCTV System is surely a next logical step and we call on #AngusCouncil to investigate this just as soon as possible. It is clear that the local police, community wardens and for that matter residents seem unable to confidently report these acts of disrespect for property and local amenities. The perpetrators continue to roam the town causing whatever destruction they want to and fear no consequences. The costs are significant and impact on other services as repairs and rectification takes money away from other public services.