Stop spending money with the EU #hitthemwhereithurts #buybritish #skipEUproducts

Money talks and money motivates. Stop spending your money with the EU wherever possible until they beg us to leave! Don’t worry about absolute perfection, it may not be possible to cut off all your EU spending, but when at the supermarket, faced with a choice of French wine over Australian, you can choose Australian; and when choosing between a German car or a Japanese car, you can choose Japanese. If we can reduce the UK’s EU spending by even 10% it will put tremendous pressure on The EU to act! And we can promise, that once the UK is allowed to leave fully and in good faith, we will resume our normal level of spending.

This website contains detailed information about our trade with the EU and even has a handy calculator estimating what the impact of supporters might be to date.

This sort of campaign could seriously hurt trade for the EU and is possible through the actions of ordinary people on the street. It takes only a minute or two to check the labels on products at the supermarkets and look for a NON EU alternative.

Lets be honest, voting at a polling station didn’t work and has not worked for many parts of the UK for many years. DIRECT CONSUMER ACTION can really work and you actually feel a little better in yourself knowing you have put a little more of your money into the UK. Of course it would be mad to say that all the money goes to UK business but the key point is that a large proportion of it will not be going to EU business.

So take some time and support this campaign.

I have other suggestions also that I’ve written about recently, check these out too.