Boycott French Goods #EU #boycottfrance #buybritish

So President Macron is sick of Brexit and unwilling to negotiate further with a new UK Government.

Let’s face it how many more times can UK citizens accept the appalling treatment of our Prime Minister’s who are repeatedly sent back home with absolutely nothing from the EU? I am a remain voter, but I am baffled that after 40 years the EU cannot talk to the UK in a respectful manner, even insulting our previous PM to her face! Have they learned nothing over this time. UK citizens will only tolerate so much belittling and humiliation before they act.


The UK buys something like 80 MILLION hotel room stays per year in France. This alone is a huge market and revenue generating source. Think twice before booking your next break, select somewhere closer to home perhaps, maybe Scilly Isles, Jersey or Guernsey ? close enough to France to pick up the weather but a bit more British and cuts off revenue to Mr Macron – hits them where it hurts.



A €3bn surplus flows from French agriculture, making the UK the third -largest market for French farm goods.

It is the 2nd-biggest market for French wine. France exports 281m bottles of wine and spirit to the UK.

Select British over EU foods and drinks, support your home grown food and agriculture industry.



82,000 Peugeot cars were sold in the UK in 2019. Peugeot is just one brand of many French cars.

Select alternatives over French produced cars, lets face it there are lots of choices, also avoid German cars. Of course Britain does produce parts for many of these cars but they also produce parts for those produced in the UK, so do the research and perhaps select a different vehicle.

BUY BRITISH. #Eu #Brexit #BuyBritish #MacronSaysNon #BoycottFrenchGoods