70 days to go 70 reasons to buy British. #EU #boycotteuproducts #boycottfrance #BuyBritish

There is now around 70 days to go until the UK leaves the EU and there are multiple reasons to support UK business on the run up to this time.

While we are of course friendly and respectful of our European friends it’s clear they have conducted negotiations with the UK outside that spirit. This I find so surprising since we have been ‘friends’ for 40 years. However, Britain is a resilient country and it’s citizens have endured over time a great deal of real hardship. I don’t think more expensive cheese or wine, or a lack of tomato’s, sweet peppers or Belgian chocolate is going to phase the general public. There are more than enough of the population who are of a generation that got through much much tougher times than those being predicted by the doomsters and negative Main Stream Media in the country. Some might even go as far as accusing our MSM of being unpatriotic and defeatest right through this Brexit process.

Being a remain supporter, I wanted to stay in the European family and looked forward to a day we might have become part of a United States of Europe. Sadly that is not to happen any longer. The democratic decison of the people must be followed or democracy dies in the UK and what remains will be anarchy by the elite classes over the people.

So its time for introspection a good long look at ourselves. Is it really so hard to live without imported European Products. Well why not give it a try over the next 70 days and to help you along the way I aim to point you in the right direction .

The Staples:

Vegetables  – You would be surprised what range of vegetables are produced and available in the UK supermarket. All you need to do is look out for the Made in Britain label under country of origin. Take just five minutes to double check where your vegetables are coming from, support local growers.


Grains – The UK produces a wider range of grains and pulses that you might imagine. Once again you need to double check the country of origin on your packaging.




Fruit – British fruit grown locally bypasses the huge air or sea miles that much of your ordinary fruit comes with. Locally grown fruit is by definition much fresher. You must be aware that a great deal of our supermarket fruit from the EU and around the world is literally weeks old – in some cases months old !


BUY BRITISH. #Eu #Brexit #BuyBritish #MacronSaysNon #BoycottFrenchGoods