Why Electric Vehicles are not the right choice

The UK Government announced some time ago that the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles will cease in 2040. This means alternative vehicles powered by alternatives to petrol or diesel will be the norm.

The current push is for fully electric cars to take their place.

There are several issues causing motorists anxiety.

1. The range – the most at present is around 230 miles, about half the range of a good diesel engine.


2. The availability of charging points. As ever the Government talk a good game and back it up with a too little too late approach to investment. The government will simply not invest sufficiently in the technology to make charging widely available right around the country. They will leave it too late and expect the private sector to take this on, they will not as the returns are much too small at this time, so we will be caught in a catch22 situation, loads of electric cars and no where to charge them on demand.

3. The variety of charging leads – why oh why did we allow manufacturers to present customers with a multi choice range of charger plugs. The UK should have specified from day one – The type of plug that will be used in the UK will be X-Type. Instead we have allowed the manufacturers to use differing plugs. This means complication at the charges and the end user having to buy adaptors to carry with them. Total and utter madness.



4. The price point right now of these vehicles is simply so high that they are only really available to a small selection of the population.


5. Are these cars as green as you think ? The battery manufacturing process requires vast amount of water, kept in ponds to extract the lithium. The water is extracted from ground sources and stored in man made ponds. The rate of extraction is such that vast swathes of previously green lush landscape is being left like a desert, nothing growing, absolutely nothing.

The farmers who worry about our phone batteries – https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-49355817

Is there an alternative that is being overlooked – yes there is. HYDROGEN power. This is being developed in a bigger way in Japan. Japan is investing in infrastructure to support the technology and the technology is completely clean. Its also been around as long as or longer than battery power.


The Hyundai Nexo