PSA using Brexit to hide their dishonesty

PSA threaten yet again to close it’s UK plant, saying that Brexit could make the process unprofitable in the UK. This company has been dishonest since the day it purchased Vauxhall. The company intended from day 1 to consolidate all their operations into profitable plants.

The duplication of manufacturing sites within the PSA Group should have put a massive spotlight on the UK plants closing from the onset.

It would have been much  more honourable if PSA were open honest and up front with the workforce from the start. Sadly this is simply not the done thing in business today. Much like politics, business leaders promise the world to get their way and when they achieve their deal they implement their real agenda and plans. Unfortunately our dedicated hard working families are always left at the bottom of the pile.

Its time for some fresh dialogue from these business players, they would earn much more respect all round.

The British market can be a fickle one when it comes to consumer choice. While the British may well still be in love with their cars, they do also have the ability to turn against businesses that hurt their family. PSA may pay a high price in sales of their cars in the UK for their dishonest practices in the Vauxhall purchase.

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Details of the PSA Group and it’s interesting history can be found here. PSA is only 27% French owned with nearly 14% owned by Chinese firm Dongfeng Motor Group