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Winter Cycling Gear – Hats

I find the coldest parts of my body when cycling in winter trying to get fit and lose weight are my head my hands and my feet. I wrote about your hands in this blog post – Winter Cycling Gear, you will find some toasty advice there and a link to some recommended gloves.

You can lose a significant amount of heat from your head so in this post I aim to give some guidance on headgear for cycling and how it can help keep you warm and lose weight.

Cycling to lose weight

The key factor in cycling to lose weight for me is to keep my body temperature high while exercising. I aim to keep as much heat in as possible, this I believe leads to more calories burned during your exercise period.

To keep body temperature high you will need to wear appropriate and warm clothing particularly on your head. This is not easy under the crash helmet and so specific cycling cap is needed.

What is possible by cycling to lose weight and become fitter

A cycle around rural quiet roads lasting around 1 hour and 10 minutes could eat up some 297 calories.

screenshot_20190114-161745 You can see the calories in my summary for a ride recently in fairly cool temperatures.

Cycling for just one hour over a few days could clock up the calories burned, get you out into the fresh air, increase your fitness and help you lose weight. All in all a win win situation.

A major study by University of Glasgow concluded that getting on your bike lowers the risk of an early death.

Not only does cycling cut early deaths it can also add an hour to your life for every hour cycled ..

You will help save the planet .. How can that be – simple statistics show that cycling produces a tenth of the carbon output of a comparable car journey.

As a result of saving the planet you also save money while cycling to keep fit. Cycling will cost you one tenth of the cost of a car journey of the same length.

As the number of cyclists increases, the Safety in Numbers kicks in and you become safer when cycling than in other forms of transport.

So already, you are fitter, safer, healthier and richer for venturing out on your bike. But it does not end there…..

On average cyclists take fewer sick days from their work and cycling saves the NHS billions of pounds every year, a recent study by Transport for London found.

Last but not least, middle aged men who cycle are 30% less likely to suffer from impotence. A Harvard study found a correlation between cycling and reduced impotence in men over 50.

Keeping your head warm

Not just a cap but a cycling cap. There are differences and many different benefits to wearing a cycling cap.

A cycling cap generally has a peak at the front and is elasticated around the back.

The many benefits of wearing a cycle cap, make it an essential piece of kit for your cycle gear. Cycle caps keep the sweat and wet from your head, the peak protects your eyes from insect attack. The cap keeps your head both warm and cool when required and also keeps the bugs out of your head and hair.

Caps and Hats for your bike


Balaclava Ski Full Face Mask, WHEEL UP Thermal Head Warmer Caps Cold Weather Windproof Waterproof Hood Winter Protective Masks Balaclavas for Skiing Snowboarding Motorcycling & Winter Cycling Sports


  • Altura draft venting strategically located venting zones allow for enhanced breathability
  • Altura ergo fit 3d patterning engineered for a more comfortable riding position
  • Strategically located retroreflective trims for increased visibility
  • Fitted

This cap is particularly recommended


  • West Biking Thermal Fleeced 85% Polyester, 15% spandex fleece.
  • Stretchy, breathable fabric wick sweats away.
  • It comes in Black with yellow,red or gray and it’s one size fits all.
  • Suit for cycling, running, riding,camping, hiking,ourdoor, leisure.
  • Gear designed and constructed to fit perfectly to the body in motion.