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Winter Cycling Gear

Cycling Gear for all weathers is very important, not only for fitness but also beneficial in answering the how to lose weight conundrum. The gear needs to be functional and adaptable but at the same time needs to bring up the body temperature to help burn fat and eat up the calories while cycling.

I’m going to cover the basics of winter cycling gear in this post and will also give some pointers to good quality gear that anyone can afford.

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Getting Prepared

You’re planning a cycle ride and checking out the local weather the next thought is what will I wear. Wear too much and you will be too hot too quickly. The key here is to layer up. A combination of base, mid and top layers, as well as arm and leg warmers.

  • Jersey – makes things comfortable, these come in sleeveless or insulated long sleeve for colder weather – you can also pop one in your bike bag.
  • Base Layers – short or long sleeve versions available, ideally they will be natural fibres but polypropylene material is fine.
  • Shorts – come in tight or baggy, but all good cycle shorts really must have a padded saddle section.
  • Arm Warmers – these fit from your wrist to your shoulder. You can roll them up or down making them ideal for mixed temperature runs.
  • Knee Warmers – flexible on days when temperatures shift up and down, they can easily be packed into a jersey pocket.
  • Gloves – come in fingered or finger-less versions, insulated, padded – for winter you will need well insulated gloves.
  • Tights – an essential part of the mix if you want to stay comfortable as the temperature drops. These help keep your body temperature constant so helping to both keep you warm and help you lose weight as you cycle.
  • Jackets – these are much thinner than a standard winter jacket. They come in wind proof material and also water proof material in the more expensive versions.
  • Wind Breaker – lightweight packable vests easy to transport.
  • Hats – must be thin enough to fit under your bike helmet of course, usually fleece but more natural material versions are available.
  • Booties – over shoe that come in neoprene to cover your cycle shoes insulating and keeping you warm. For regular winter cycling think about investing in a winter cycle shoe.

What to wear when

Based on the likely temperatures in Winter being between -5 and + 5 degrees centigrade you will need a rough guide as to what to mix and match for those conditions. Everyone is different and their threshold for warmth varies, so many people will wear slightly less or slightly more than recommended below:

Around +5c

Cycle tights, shorts, warm socks, vest, base-layer, finger gloves, long sleeve jersey, hat

Around 0c

Add a wind breaking jacket and over booties or winter cycle shoes, swap tights for warmer winter tights and upgrade gloves to full winter gloves.

Around -5c

Add heavy winter coat, replacing the wind breaker and long sleeve jersey.

Concentrating on Hands and Head

By far the worst parts of the body to keep warm when cycling are my hands and my head, followed closely by my feet, but that’s for another day..

Gloves are the most important winter item. These gloves are ideal for pretty wild Scottish Winter Cycling.

  • ❉WEAR AND COMFORTABLE: The inside of the Cycling Gloves is filled with Thinsulate insulation in 3M Thermal Insulated and fleece to keep your hands warm in cold weather and skin-friendly. The softshell ensures a comfortable fit. The elastic wrist provides a perfect fit.
  • ❉WINDPROOF AND WATERPROOF: The outer material of the Cycling Work Gloves repels moisture and water, The inside Hipora waterproof housing is added in the middle to enhance the waterproof effect, the high-density fabric prevents the wind penetrates through the mens gloves.
  • ❉ELASTIC WRIST DESIGN: The double-gathered elastic wrist keeps the Ski glove closed to prevent snow and cold air from entering the winter running gloves. Keep your hands as warm as possible.
  • ❉PRACTICAL AND WEAR-RESISTANT: with 3M reflective logo enhances visibility, The thinsulate gloves are perfect for the cold winter, working, casual, horseback riding, hiking, running, cycling, snow shoveling, cross-country skiing, snowmobiling and other outdoor activities in winter. A great Christmas / birthday present for your family, friends or lover.
  • ❉QUALITY GUARANTEE: We offer your gloves an unconditional 90-day guarantee. 100% satisfied service. If you value your shopping quality, ORSEN is your best choice, You’re free to order now with confidence.

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