France and Germany launch economic attack on UK #Bexit #EUattack #economics #economy #economicattack

While Britain remembers, France has conveniently forgotten. Allied with Germany, France has launched the beginning of an economic offensive against the UK. A direct punishment for Brexit. Recent decisions are clearly political and NOT economic in nature. Take Michelin as an example, what international business decides to write off an investment of some £50 Million over the last year and then close an entire factory without time to see the outcome of their investment. Can we really believe such a respected organisation made the wrong investment decision based on a hundred years and more experience in their business. Make no mistake, the Michelin decision is political spiteful punishment for Brexit. The decision by
Schaeffler is not even disguised as anything other than a direct attack on the automotive industry in the UK, one of the more successful. France and Germany are directly undermining this industry to concentrate industrial advantage in Europe. The cost to UK families will be harsh and relentless. Time for the UK to open their eyes and begin taking firm action in response. We could begin with calling in Billions of pounds of loans to European businesses provided for by the UK finance industry.


5th November 2018

Dundee Michelin factory workers have spoken of their shock after the company announced its intention to close the plant, with the loss of all 845 jobs.

The tyre factory will close by mid-2020 after the French firm deemed it “unsuitable” in the current climate.

Scotland’s economy secretary Derek Mackay said he will convene an action group to “explore all options to secure a sustainable future for the site.”

Workers were sent home until Thursday following a meeting at the factory.

Some employees told BBC Scotland they were angry that they first learned about the decision from the media on Monday.


6th November 2018

More than 550 UK jobs are at risk after an automobile and industrial firm announced plans to close plants amid “uncertainty surrounding Brexit”.

Schaeffler plants in Llanelli and Plymouth are earmarked for closure, with the firm proposing to relocate production to plants outside the UK.

It has started a 45-day consultation on the plans.

In Plymouth, 350 staff are employed in the factory and 220 are at the Llanelli plant.