The pathetic state of travel operators in 2018

Voyaging is an opportunity for new experiences, meeting new people and enjoying their hospitality and culture.

Once you actually make it to your destination that is. During this recent #aussietour2018 it’s clear that the state of the travel industry in 2018 is literally pathetic.

Operators have communication tools at their disposal that previous generations could not even dream of, and yet still they cannot and will not communicate with the customer effectively and meaningfully.

Brisbane to Auckland Monday 16th April 2018. Email sent around 01.40 am to say flight delayed for 2 hours. Too late to change our transfer details so put 05.20 pickup goes like a dream. Check in is easy and slick. The information for customers is non existent. The boards inform all morning the flight is delayed right up to the last minute. No apologies, no reasons, no accountability.

The conclusion for air travel from this experience is that air travel is now simply a wager with the airlines betting against the odds that they may or may not undertake their obligation to get you to their destination. One you’ve paid your hundreds of pounds it’s basically out of your hands and you give up all consumer rights except the token food voucher for your late flight.

Regards for your wasted 5 hours of life – Zero. Adequate compensation for that time – Zero. Voyage slightly tarnished yes.

@quantas airlines must be the least concerned airline for customer communication and is an example of the pathetic state of travel operators in 2018.