Exclusive Malts – Islay Series #malts #whisky #exclusive

Described as “a delicious drop of Caol Ila 11 Year Old, neatly wrapped in a bottling by The Creative Whisky Company. These bottles were filled from a single refill hogshead, meaning that there are only 317 available”

Islay is rich in Whisky heritage and with 8 active, 4 planned and 2 rumoured distilleries in operation is at the very least worth a visit.

The exclusive Caol Ila is similar to a batch I have with a year difference. My bottle was purchased from The Royal Mile Whisky Shop in Edinburgh some years ago, but the flavour is one to savour with a peat content possibly between 80 and 85 % After taste is long lasting and warming. I personally add ice and water with this whisky. I have a 3 step process for enjoying my malts, I taste it neat, with a splash of water and finally with an ice cube or three. The best combination is then how I have the full dram. Many malt drinkers will not mix anything with their dram and that’s absolutely fine and down to personal taste, however, I believe to get the best out of a malt whisky you have choices BUT you will note the choices are all water based ! I’m not a fan of mixers other than water with single malt.

For the peat loving whisky connoisseur the full range of strength is available on this island. The balanced mid strength being found in the centre of the Island at Bowmore. The strongest can be found in the South of the Island and the lighter peats in the North and North West of the Island.

Active (brown), planned (red) and rumoured Islay distilleries (purple)