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The Allotment – 2018 Season Begins #allotmentnews #digging #gardensvoyage

March 26th North East Scotland the allotment preparations are complete, the beds have been manured with quality organic manure from Compost Technology. The planting season would normally begin probably a week or two later, but this year with the cold weather and snow we have had it should be later than normal. Not for this allotment, the white and red onion sets have been planted and are covered for some protection, although I’m led to understand that onion sets will tolerate a little cool spell. I decided to get a head start and experiment with all the onions this year.

Onion Sets

Onion Sets planted and covered 24th March 2018


The planting in earnest will begin early May with another experiment under way. This year all our planting will be from plug plant or other pre-grown sources, no plants from seed. It will be interesting to see the outcome at harvest time.

The last three days have been warm and sunny during the day with low overnight temperatures of -2.5 to -3.0 degrees C.

Other work in the garden this week has included pruning down of the Buddleia and bringing greenhouse lemon out of the cosy winter covers and into full sun during the day.

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