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New brew on the block: the coffee that gives more than just a caffeine hit! #CoffeeNews #HealthNews

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Vitamin Coffee Defence blend

Vitamin Coffee: the revolutionary way to get your vitamin intake.

What if you could get all the vitamins and minerals you need by drinking your daily cup of coffee, without compromising on flavour? Well, with Vitamin Coffee you can! Every cup is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals, adding a nutritious kick to your coffee whilst still tasting delicious.

Each bag of premium ground Vitamin Coffee is made from expertly roasted beans sourced in Asia, Africa and Central America that complement the vitamin mixes to make them almost unnoticeable. The range consists of three vitamin blends: Complete, Defence and Energy, each of which offers unique health benefits.

 Defence helps to boost your immune system – Rich in vitamins C & D, Defence is the perfect blend to keep you feeling in tip top condition. Perfect for: when your immune system has been compromised or you’re feeling a little under the weather, health conscious individuals who want to keep on top of their game, mature coffee drinkers who want to maintain good health as they get older.

 Energy gives you a kick start – An extra hit of caffeine and B vitamins makes for a healthy pre-workout fix, or lends a helping hand on those mornings you’re feeling extra sleepy at your desk. Perfect for: fitness fanatics looking to maximise their exercise  performance, students who require some R’n’R the morning after the night before, on-the-go city workers, parents and anybody who needs a little boost to see them through the day.

 Complete supports general wellbeing – The perfect all round pick-me-up, containing the RDA of 14 essential vitamins and minerals for complete nutritional support Perfect for everyone and anyone who loves to drink coffee, wants to improve general wellbeing or is conscious of getting their recommended intake of vitamins.

With the seal of approval from fitness fanatics, athletes, healthy food gurus, wellness focused digital influencers and  even a coffee connoisseur, Vitamin Coffee is quickly building an expanding fan base. Actor, model and self-confessed coffee addict, Billy Brayshaw, an advocate for Vitamin Coffee comments, “I am a real coffee lover…if there is nocoffee in the morning then I’m not making it out of bed. I love the fact that Vitamin Coffee combines vitamins within their blends which adds loads of nutritional value but still tastes amazing!”

Vitamin Coffee lifestyle

In this era of ‘instants’ and with the trend for subscription boxes catering to all interests and tastes continuing to gain momentum, Vitamin Coffee offers a fortnightly subscription service so its customers always have their favourite
caffeinated fix to hand.

For additional convenience, Vitamin Coffee is packaged in a way that can slip easily through a letter box.

RRP: £8.95 + free delivery
14 servings
Available at

Coffee blogger Caffeine Galore:
“Coffee is a huge part of my daily routine. I’ve recently been feeling very under the weather so I decided to try out some of this ‘Vitamin Coffee’ stuff, as it had been rated super well. And what can I say? Tastes great and makes me feel even greater.”

Jordan Tebb, Protein Dynamix Athlete:
“The perfect way to start your day. Morning coffee filled with your daily dose of multivitamins. With a choice of dark or medium blend & different vitamin profiles (complete, defence, energy) you can truly personalise your coffee without losing the great taste!”

Craig Landale, award-winning fashion blogger at Menswear Style:
“It is two ways your morning coffee pick-me-up can fuel your day. An impressive blend and essential vitamins are combined and it tastes great!”

Freya Farrington, Digital Influencer:
“A coffee a day keeps the doctor away…especially when it’s packed full of vitamins! Really recommend this to any coffee lover to kick start your day with each serving providing at least 100% of your daily requirements from 14 different vitamins and minerals.”

Jimmy Colclough, Business Development Manager at Fresh Fitness Food:
“How they’ve managed to pack so much nutritional value in to it while still tasting that good I’ll never know. All I know is that I love it and it’s very much an essential part of my daily routine now. Try it, you won’t regret it.”

About Vitamin Coffee
Launched in September 2017 Vitamin Coffee was founded and created by Bryn Ray. After working as a design consultant and fitness professional in London, Bryn started drinking homemade Vitamin Coffee to keep him on top of both his physical and mental game. Amazed with just how effective and convenient it was, he began creating blends for clients and colleagues before eventually taking the leap to share it with the world.
Vitamin Coffee uses the highest quality, FDA approved ingredients, to create effective and balanced vitamin blends. These blends have been carefully formulated to survive heat treatment without compromising the taste of the coffee.


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