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Top Kitchen Design Trends 2018 – Warm neturals, golds browns and organic. #interiors #interiors2018 #design

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1. Warm neutrals, golds, browns and organics

Chalice Hill House,Dod lane,Glastonbury,BA6 8BZ Shoot of Kitchen & Bathrooms

Golds have been on trend for a while now but the move to combining them with browns and organic materials is going to be big
for 2018.

Combining the use of neutrals, golds and organic textures makes for a warm environment with a slight seventies feel, hitting the mark in terms of both style and

The boho look is not only easily adaptable with other colours but also comes hand in hand with good quality and timeless design – something which a kitchen needs
to present.

Our recent kitchen completion ‘The Georgian Manor’ kitchen combines warm accents of gold and brass in the lighting and hardware with wooden textures coming through
in the shelving, island and bespoke furniture systems.

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