Make Your Morning Coffee Less Taxing #coffeetax #lattelevy #discountcoffee

News today, MP’s demand 25p Tax on disposable coffee cups!


If you are a regular at your local coffee shop, you may soon be paying more for the pleasure of a quick Latte or Cappuccino. Members of the Commons Committee have called out for a 25p coffee cup Levy on disposable cups. The Welsh ministers are already considering imposing this coffee cup Tax and many organisations are asking for the UK to follow suit. On average we drink 13 cups of coffee a week, that would be an additional £169 per year for your coffee fix. If the thought of this is hard to swallow, the Corkcicle Tumbler from Root7 would be the perfect solution and at £22.00 you’d be saving £147.00 a year.

The Corkcicle Tumbler has been crafted from triple-insulated stainless steel and can keep your hot beverage warm for up to 3 hours and cold for up to 9 hours. The lightweight and shatterproof design of the Corkcicle Tumbler from Root7 means you can pop it in your bag and make use of the discounts that some coffee shops are offering for using your own cups. This innovative design has a non-slip bottom and an easy grip design making it a comfortable fit for your hands.

Not only does it have all these revolutionary features, it is also available in 14 different stylish colours. The clear lid allows you to see how much of your refreshment is left and locks open for an effortless drinking experience.

Root 7 Corkcicle Tumbler – £22.00 – Available from Root7



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