Broadband advertised speeds like diesel gate MPG … A fiction. #TechNews #Broadband

Good luck to Ofcom as they seek to improve broadband service speeds for consumers. Yet again though is this not akin to the dieselgate MPG affair for motorists, for years they have been getting away with false advertising of fuel efficiency and consumers just accept it as pure pants fictional figures that bear no resemblance to reality. Think the hire has bolted on this one but good luck in any case.

Advertised broadband speeds should actually be realistic, UK tells ISPs. ISPs would have 30 days to improve speeds or risk losing customers.

The United Kingdom’s telecom regulator, Ofcom, wants to strengthen an industry code that lets Internet customers exit contracts without penalty when broadband providers fall short of their advertised speeds.

Ofcom’s proposed changes would also improve the accuracy of speed information provided to customers before they sign up for broadband. Ofcom intends to add the new guidelines to its existing codes of practice for residential and business broadband speeds, which already “commit Internet companies who have signed up to them to give customers an estimated range of speeds they are likely to receive, as well as the right to exit their contracts penalty-free if their speed falls below a minimum level.”

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