Fire and rescue plot from a 70’sitcom fiasco #fireandrescue #sheep #dogs

How can it be justified to send expensive resources to rescue unfortunate animals that fall off cliffs or end up down sink holes and have the tab picked up by the hard pressed tax payer?

Mid Scotland and Fife Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said the entire episode “sounded like the plot of a 70s sitcom”.

Calling out multiple different fire crews and the coast guard to help rescue a single sheep, only for it to be shot, sounds like the plot of a 70s sitcom and not modern day emergency services in Scotland,” he said.

The story published in the local newspaper , raises some serious concerns that really need answering. The waste of money is eye wattering and simply cannot be justified sensibly in any way. Scottish Fire and Rescue, local MSP for North Angus have all been asked to comment on this. The financial management of public money must be sensible and fully accountable, so hopefully  those asked to comment will do so.

The full costs should go right back to the farmer who called out the rescue teams for this. The current value of a sheep on the market is around £54. The cost of five fire crews and a coastguard crew must have been astronomical in comparison. 

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