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#Junker and EU threaten to make British pay for Brexit. #Brexit #EU #UK

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With every threat and every sentence uttered it’s crystal clear that Jean-Claude Juncker will use the EC & EU to make Britain pay for Brexit in a big way. Each and every time this man opens his mouth the clear focus of Juncker is to punish Britain like he and the EU punished and is continuing to punish Greece. Make no mistake the EU will now do everything they can to damage the United Kingdom economy and nation in any way it can.

Greek ex finance minister warns the UK about EU tactics here:

As a remain voter, each utterance by Jean-Claude Juncker makes me more and more supportive of leaving, which is what must be done to preserve democracy in the United Kingdom. Were the referendum re-run tomorrow I would now vote to leave the EU based on the actions and words of the EU as a whole against Britain.


62 year old Juncker has been President of the European Commission since 2014 and was previously President of Luxembourg 1995 to 2013. During his Presidency of Luxembourg it was alleged that Luxembourg under his premiership had turned into a major European centre of corporate tax avoidance. With the aid of the Luxembourg government, companies transferred tax liability for many billions of euros to Luxembourg, where the income was taxed at a fraction of 1%. Juncker, who in a speech in Brussels in July 2014 promised to “try to put some morality, some ethics, into the European tax landscape”, was sharply criticized following the leaks. A subsequent motion of censure in the European parliament was brought against Juncker over his role in the tax avoidance schemes. The motion was defeated by a large majority.

In 2017, leaked diplomatic cables show Juncker, as Luxembourg’s prime minister from 1995 until the end of 2013, blocked EU efforts to fight tax avoidance by multinational corporations. Luxembourg agreed to multinational businesses on an individualised deal basis, often at an effective rate of less than 1%.

This is the sort of man who is heading the EC and influencing the EU to work against the UK.

Like many are now openly saying I think we will be better off out of the EU.

Read more about Juncker here:


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