World on the brink as the suffering of lesser citizens ignored #WorldWar #GameofThrones #Peace #Veteran

A 94 year old has a stark warning for citizens in 2017. This is a must read article for us all in today’s short memory population and more to the point “leaders” and players of the world democracies and commerce, who ignore the past mistakes and march rapidly on their greedy paths.

“Donald Trump,  Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping of China, Kim Jung-un of North Korea or the lesser players like Theresa May  in this deadly real Game of Thrones: all seem to possess an inability to empathise with the suffering of their lesser citizens.”

He goes on ………….

“I am an old man in the apogee of my days and that’s why I know we are on the cusp of war – if not in North Korea then somewhere else – simply because we are letting the greed and the self-interest of the few lead the many into the cul-de-sac of war. It doesn’t take a prophet to know that as long as Britain, America, Canada, China or Russia profit handsomely from the arms industry while ignoring the refugee crisis, the housing crisis, the wage crisis and the crisis for affordable health care, the world is sitting on a powder keg whose fuse has already been lit and is burning down quick”

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I’m 94 years old, I fought in the Second World War and I have a serious warning about where 2017 is headed