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It really is stunning that customer loyalty in 2017 means absolutely nothing. The really interesting fact is that the company made no effort whatsoever to retain the business. Its renewal time for home and buildings insurance, the renewal invitation pops into the inbox and the figure to renew is given in the first paragraph. Read a little further down and the figure paid last year is displayed. The uplift is easily 30%.

Call the company and enquire – is there anything that can be done to reduce this renewal, 14 years with you and no claims. The call is put on hold while discounts are investigated. the response is no sorry there are no discounts available for this policy. Second chance, confirm there is nothing that can be done to reduce the renewal, no says the company.

Less than 15 minutes later a new policy, like for like is sourced for a 42% reduction on the renewal cost. A loyal customer of 14 years lost within 20 minutes and two phone calls.

It seriously pays to shop around.


Your loss @askesure


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