#Brexit negotiations #junker #tusk #EU total waste of time for UK

Junker and Tusk will simply NOT agree to anything the UK proposes and this post will try to document and show very basically the responses we get to our negotiations as they are reported. I suspect we will see the projections of Yanis Varoufakis come true. It will be completely pointless trying to negotiate with the EU. Yanis suggested we ought to simply put our full plans to the EU in a fully prepared package and then leave the negotiations. A straight take it or leave it deal. The EU will simply string the UK along for 2 years and then give us a take it or leave it position while still taking their full EU budget contributions and more along the way. we should NOT play the game !!

For entertainment sake here are the key moments as they come up. The post will be updated as often as possible.

  • Monday 19 June
    • The “framework” for negotiations is agreed with #EU. David Davis is accused of backing down but UK have agreed the framework
  • Thursday 22nd June
    • Theresa May presents a “fair and serious” offer on the status of EU residents in the UK. #Junker and #Tusk reject this as insufficient within 24 hours.