Tesla valued more than GM on speculation versus actual sales. #CarNews #Tesla #GM

On pure speculation and without a rational real life sales record, analysts suggest that Tesla will revolutionise motoring, Tesla is now valued more than GM which is simply daft at this stage in the car company’s life. Analysts seem to have simply ignored the existing industry masters in automotive manufacture.

Based on meagre Tesla sales of actual cars to date and just the promise of more mass market cars during 2017, that are slightly affordable but remain far from the reach of the masses.  

The analysts have placed the crazy value of $50.88 Billion taking Tesla ahead of GM by around $1M. 

#Tesla compared with the giants of car manufacture #Ford, #GM, #VW, #Peugeot, #Renault will be swamped when the larger manufacturers get their alternative fuel operations under way. 

It’s unlikely Tesla can actually manufacture sufficient numbers of units to match the might of the existing car giants. 

Tesla may well become the preferred supplier of battery technology but it’s unlikely to grow to a realistic value that will keep it where the gambling analysts have currently placed the company. Enjoy the fleeting top spot Tesla, it won’t last.

2016 Tesla sells 76,200 cars.

2016 GM sells 10Million cars. 

GM at least 35 models in the group

Tesla 2 models in their range

GM 12 brands

Tesla 1 brand

GM 396 facilities on 6 continents

Tesla 1 facility on 1 continent

Tesla becomes most valuable U.S. car maker, edges out GM