What’s the point in voting if…. #BrexitBritain #YES #UKParliament

Ever since I could vote I have voted in every election or referenda I have had the opportunity to do so.

Recently however I’ve taken the time to review some of my voting and concluded that in the main I have not had the result I voted for. That will be the case for whatever the narrow minority is left on the losing side of a democratic society when it takes its major decisions.

Now it’s different. Today as a result of a perfectly reasonable challenge by Gina Miller, the process by which we leave the EU will now be scrutinised by our elected MP’s Why is my vote debatable? Why ask me if you are going to debate it? The problem with our MP’s is that they rarely actually work for or act for their constituents these days. Unfortunately they are more influenced by big corporations with one eye to their individual futures and the mouth watering draw of big buck consulting careers ahead, rather than actually being interested in the general consensus of their constituents.

In a democracy you’re either on the winning side or the losing side and you abide by the outcome. Now it’s different, it seems that your democratic vote can be debated and potentially changed. It has been fully six full months since the democratic nation of the United Kingdom voted to leave the EU. The fact that this amount of time has passed already and nothing has been done is evidence itself that democracy is changing in the UK.

Scotland is similarly unwilling to accept the democratic vote, constantly threatening further votes until the people vote the right way. The right way according to a single person or a single party is NOT democracy as I understood it when I was old enough to start voting and is not what I understand now as a recently “early retired” constituent.

Now I ask myself WHAT IS THE POINT IN VOTING ? It’s a first in my lifetime. I’m seriously questioning the value of my vote. With all the history behind a successful democracy, I understand the gravity of this questioning and I’m disturbed to have to ask myself this question.

The debate will go on and on and the fear now must surely be that our elected representatives will no doubt be unable to resist the political dog fight of trying to delay the will of the people. The recent actions of the SNP are clearly aimed at making it very difficult ahead.

My vote in the referendum for Brexit did not go the way I wanted, neither did my vote on Scottish independence but I’m a democrat and I accepted the outcomes in the belief that the majority prevails in a democracy ……….. the fundamentals of a democracy look like they are changing and not necessarily for the better.