Glenogil Estate Angus – Walkers NOT very welcome. #scotland #glenogil #walking #hiking

Walking in Scotland is one of the core attractions of a country that trades on its scenery. The stunning autumn colours is a great reason to visit and to walk the countryside to witness scenes that puts up a good challenge against  #NewEngland in the fall.

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Glenogil Estate in Angus puts on an autumn display that is second to none. The 2016 display has been stunning with the dominant feature bright yellow rather than the usual mixed bronze and orange with some yellow mixed in.

The problem with visiting this estate is access and parking, over the last 5 to 7 years the welcome you meet when trying to find a parking spot in the area of Glenogle Reservoir is frosty to say the least, it’s made very very clear you’re not welcome and where you are unfortunate enough to be approached by local residents or workers (they never identify who they are or who they represent), you will grumpily be told to park on the verges 200 to 250 metres from the estate accommodation – which has more then plenty surplus ground area to accommodate at least some local parking for walkers.,-2.8766456,10z

The estate is very much a “Shooting” estate and a web search will very quickly reveal this. Owned from 2003- 2013 by a City Millionaire John Dodds  .

Mr Dodd bought the 9,670-acre Glenogil estate for £4.5 million in 2003 and has become an influential figure in Scottish shooting. Over the past three years, he has received £829,664 in Single Farm Payment subsidies for his estate at Glenogil.

John Dodd, the multi-millionaire owner of the controversial Glenogil Estate, has ‘quietly sold up’, according to an article in the Sunday Times.

The new owner is reported to be Baron Ferdinand von Baumbach, someone we know little about. Although we’re not sorry to see Dodd leave, it’s not so much who owns the estate that interests us, but rather whether (a) they intend to maintain it as a driven grouse moor and if so, (b) who will be advising on grouse moor ‘management’.

Part 1 Glenogil sale Sunday Times 7 April 2013

Part 2 Glenogil sale Sunday Times 7 April 2013

As 2017 approaches, locals and visitors to Scotland might hope that the new owner will be slightly more sympathetic to the benefits that walkers and hikers bring to a local economy and the impressions of a country they take back home and tell their friends about.