Is the future of cyber crime a nightmare scenario? #cybersecurity #technews

Chances are cyber crime is going to get worse before things get better and the hacker hunters fight back. 

Cyber crime, according to the National Crime Agency (NCA) Cyber Crime Assessment 2016 report, accounted for 53 per cent of all crimes in 2015.

Cameron Brown, an independent cyber defence adviser, who has conducted research into emerging trends in cyber-crime offending, warns that opportunities to earn a living through cyber crime “will propel the disenfranchised and those in lower income bands to pursue a life of crime given the low risk and potential high yields”.

Mr Brown insists that cyber crime will continue to grow into a highly lucrative and well organised enterprise, seeking competitive advantage with the aid of sophisticated cyber operations. Operations that include research and development, with cyber criminals becoming increasingly innovative as far as the threats they can leverage are concerned.

Jamie Saunders, director of the NCA National Cyber Crime Unit, argues that “senior members of UK business must think seriously about ways they can improve their defences and help law enforcement in the fight against cyber crime”. And that means they must think seriously about the shape those future threats will take.

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