A constant state of fear … Government sponsored #ConspiracyTheory #PsychologyNews

Are computers brain washing us, never mind that, have successive British and world ruling Governments deliberately created a constant state of fear to keep citizens under control ?


During the 50 and a half years that I have been a citizen of the United Kingdom and the planet we call Earth, I’ve now reached that stage of introspection and reflection over those years that have gone by and the events that have happened around at home and around the world and I got thinking…….

The trigger for this episode of introspection was my experience of listening to the news, reading the newspapers and adding in the plethora of online news items, these all dilligently produced and broadcast, written or published by our esteemed purveyors of ‘stories’. I hesitate to title it news and of course I’d be completely mad to call it fact! The resultant output being so devoid of fact and truth it simply can no longer be relied upon as being based on anything that resembles truth or fact.

So I’m listening in the background, reading away and browsing along through the first few days of 2016 and it hits me smack in between the eyes. The incredible negativity, despair, disastrous and human horror stories that abound.

It’s part of normal day to day life in 2016, I do realise this, but the repeated messages being played over and over must eventually drive the nation to at the least a state of doubt and anxiety and at worst a state of complete fear. A nation so insecure and lacking confidence, so soft and risk averse that building the success needed to pull us out of this current eighth year cycle of bust might be near impossible. That’s just the economic impact, what about the young people we are bringing up in a nation that seems to be thriving on negativity what future for them ? From where will come the pioneers of the future ? The world shocking discoveries that will revolutionise the lives for citizens of planet earth?

When growing up in the far North our local area was selected as the host County for a revolutionary new power source. Atomic power! This would produce electricity for the country and would lead to almost free electricity for the people. It was sold a the life changing technology that would benefit the citizens of the U.K. And beyond. That technology has now come and gone in the short space of 50 years and now the citizens pay the highest price for electricity that we have ever experienced. The Dounraey Fast Breeder Reactor experiment ahead of its time, a victim of an industry with it’s reputation crippled by accidents across the world and a waste so toxic it risks the lives of the very people the success was meant to help. Nuclear innovation continues in the form of ‘fusion’ with the latest brightest and bravest continuing the quest for the limitless power source.

The fuel that could provide endless power, of course is also the fuel that can obliterate the world itself, and could still do so.  The nuclear war heads that sit atop the ballistic missile that have kept us safe (allegedly) over the past 50 years. During the Cold War period that followed the hot war after the briefest 2 year period of respite, from 1947 to 1991 the instrument of fear, the instrument of choice for major world powers became Atomic. The threat of an atomic war, a war that would wipe out nations at a stroke. That threat kept the citizens in check and suited the holders of power. Since the end of the Cold War it’s my observation that governments across the globe have needed instruments of fear to impose their will on the citizens of their nations and the earth.

What followed the Cold War, it seems to me, was the threat of Global Warming, first muted and mentioned in 1990, the First IPCC report says “world has been warming and future warming seems likely”. What was to follow would be a disaster for humanity on earth, we must take steps to halt warming. In the period 1990 through to around 2000 I think, put simply global warming was possibly under question, but maybe, more likely, was just not scary enough for world powers. The real movers and shakers in the world that must keep control of the levers of complete power. I guess we know them by the percentages – you know the ones, the top 1% of the world’s population owns more than 55% of the wealth. Are these the movers and shakers who are now at work trying to keep us all in a heightened state of fear. While global warming and climate change are real enough, most rational people accept that it’s a power of nature and not much really can be done by the ordinary man about it. The climate change fear weapon isn’t really cutting it so since 2008 and now right here at the start of 2016 we have financial fear, markets are bad, economies are shattered, we must all pull together tighten our belts and take the medicine that is “austerity” for fear of your job, your pension, your health.

The really cynical among you might even go as far as suggesting these very same owners of power have even been manipulating the current wave of terror across the world but that’s for another day.