IT Teams Love to CHAT – but not face to face …. #TechNews

This survey from the help desk software developer Atlassian produced a graphically represented set of reasons why help desk teams love chat over email. The only communication methods mentioned in this survey were chat and email, both non-personal methods of communication. IT Teams still suffer from the geek in the basement stereotype which has been a self inflicted impression of IT Support Staff built up over many years of the arrogant I know it all approach to IT Support. The IT Team in modern business has still not come to terms with each the fact that IT is simply another ‘utility’ to the business. The supply and support of this utility is no longer the preserve of ‘techies’ in the basement holding your production team to ransom while they decide which call is important to “them” ignoring “you” the customer trying to produce the core income generating product of the business.

However, is the view that face to face is always better an equally antiquated approach in modern business. Tools like Instant Messaging (IM) have the features that can provide full Video Conferencing, Desktop Sharing, Document Sharing and Group Chat functions allowing face to face along with sharing from teams located in distributed contact or business centres. When this is combined with connections to 3rd party suppliers and vendors within the business the efficiency of communication is enhanced and time to get answers drastically reduced.
85% of the IT teams surveyed use chat tools. 85% is better than most NBA players’ free throw shooting percentage, or how many customers were satisfied with The Baconator.
The survey wanted to dig deeper, it wanted to know why IT loves chat instead of email.
So, the survey team went directly to the IT community to find out. The team talked to agents, managers and directors and asked them about how chat makes their work life awesome. Here’s what they said