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So this is the scenario, you’re driving along around the speed limit on a dual carraigeway, one that I drive every working day throughout the year. I’m observant and generally law abiding with regard to the speed limits. I do however have an observation and would be interested to know if anyone else notices this …

You are travelling along and the gap between you and the car in front is gradually getting smaller, you maintain your speed and calculate that you need to indicate and pull out to overtake, you increase speed a little to make the manoeuvre efficient. Even with that little increase in speed, you find the car you were about to overtake is now increasing the gap between you and them, you put on a little more speed to try and pull past the vehicle and the gap is still steadily increasing. Hold on a minute, if I had maintained speed I’d now have shunted the car in front. Eventually you push on the acceleration and pull past the whacky racer on the inside lane, you glance at the driver of the vehicle and pull back into the inside lane, drop your speed back to where it was before the whole exercise and the whacky racer never closes in on you, having just setup the whacky overtaking race. The driver of your whacky racer no way will you overtake me …. is invariably A WOMAN !!

I realise that statement may increase blood pressures BUT after many years travelling this route my observations can’t really be disputed, these are the facts, 9 out of the 10 times I experience this it is a Woman driver.. So is it me or is it imagination ? I’m not sayin men don’t do this but I’m just saying what I’m seeing …….


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