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War Cry as Xmas is coming – UK politicians spread the Ho Ho Ho #Warmongers #Rant #Syria

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It’s the run up to Xmas the season of goodwill and peace to all men. The birthplace of the star turn is in complete chaos and peace is a million miles away. The pope declares that Christmas is a contradiction in terms while this situation continues. The worlds most powerful nations Russia and the USA are at war with IS, France, Germany and a host of other nations are taking action also.

British politicians will today debate taking our country to war, for what reason, we are yet to be told. The government thinks they have support of 70,000 moderate Syrian troops who will put their lives on the line in an international coalition of some sort.

The biggest and most powerful force in the region sit quietly and say or do absolutely nothing – #Saudi Arabia. Saudi created the monster that is IS to protect the house of Saud and lost control of the anti #Shia group that is now ISIS. Saudi Arabia have the might to help correct this situation but like the oil situation, they are content with pumping oil into the supply chain to help them meet their own objectives, when and inky when Saudi Arabia are ready, will the kingdom take action to defeat #ISIS.

All the while the UK Goverment still believes it has some superior power to project in the regions it has suffered defeat in for centuries and still not learned their lesson, with the tragic ultimate cost still being paid by our brave men and women of the armed forces. If ever the phrase lions led by donkeys was appropriate, it is right now as the idiots in London will once again vote to drag us into a war that will have tragic consequences for the country and it’s citizens, essentially breaking a governments core fundamental objective and that is to keep its population safe. If they vote as I think they will, the U.K. Population will not be safe on the streets of our towns and cities. As a direct result of our politicians decisions today, there will inevitably be an increased terror threat to this country and its people.

Have a great Xmas all you elected representatives of the people of the U.K. Thanks for the gift of terror you will leave under our trees today !!!

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