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Expect to hear a whole lot more about Li-Fi – a wireless technology that transmits high-speed data using visible light communication (VLC) – in the coming months. With scientists achieving speeds of 224 gigabits per second in the lab using Li-Fi earlier this year, the potential for this technology to change everything about the way we use the Internet is huge.
And now, scientists have taken Li-Fi out of the lab for the first time, trialling it in offices and industrial environments in Tallinn, Estonia, reporting that they can achieve data transmission at 1 GB per second – that’s 100 times faster than current average Wi-Fi speeds.

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Velmenni is a high-tech hardware startup based out of Delhi and Tartu, Estonia. It’s building a new wireless technology for high speed (up to 1 GBPS) data transmission using visible light.

Deepak Solanki and Saurabh Garg started Velmenni in January 2014. Initially, the duo designed different products (traffic light down-counters, vehicle tracking systems, home automation solutions, & etc.) for bigger companies to sustain themselves as they bootstrapped their venture on the side. But they always wanted to work on their own product.

The company website is at

Product: #Jugnu – Visible Light Communication Device 
What does it do? 

Jugnu is a technology that transfers high speed data (upto theoretically 1GBps) using visible light. 


-> Secure 

-> Fast 

-> Can work without Line of Sight where needed 

-> Free unlicensed spectrum 

-> Mitigates RF health concerns 

-> IP Securable 

-> High density 

-> Cost Effective 

-> Energy Efficient 

What’s more? 

It has wide applications due to above facts: 

-> Applications where RF cannot such as underground tunnels/mines augmenting miner light hats enabling them to communicate for example. Underwater communication is another example. 

-> Has the potential to convert every light source in to a high speed data transmitter. Localized Ad sense through visible light is one such application. 

-> Used for indoor positioning/mapping. 

-> Used wherever strong locality is required, such as museum/zoo exhibits. 

-> Applications where security is important.


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