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VW you must be joking, now this is really taking the pi….. #CarNews #VWJokers

The extract below is from The Telegraph.

Crisis-hit Volkswagen gives pre-paid credit card and dealer credits to US customers, but UK motorists hit by emissionss scandal unlikely to be offered incentiveVolkswagen is offering $1,000 to each of the almost 500,000 American car owners affected by its emissions scandal. 

The company is offering a $500 pre-paid credit card, $500 in credits at its dealerships and three years’ roadside assistance to the 482,000 owners of its cars with 2.0-litre diesel engines that were found to have had devices fitted to allow them to beat pollution tests. 

However, the company is not expected to offer British customers similar incentives to stay loyal to the brand, saying the situation in the US is “very different” to the UK. 

The scandal first emerged in the US in September.

So not only do UK customers pay double the price of a US customer for the same product, face possible additional UK tax demands but now they are not to be offered the same compensation as US Customers.

Just how we continue to be milked by this high charging in the UK is a mystery. Car companies blaming currency differences double the price of their cars and we just roll over and pay, myself included. Energy companies owned by foreign organisations hike the prices in UK compared to their home countries, iPads, Computers, Watches, Camera’s ….. The list is endless.

This recent statement by VW is a very real slap in the face for UK customers. I have been a VW fan and owner for a long time and recently switched away for my last two cars. This latest treatment of UK customers has put the final nail in the coffin for me and hopefully many of you. I will never buy another VW unless the dealer offers at least 30% off new list price, throws in 3 years roadside assistance after the warranty period, gives me a £500 pre paid currency card and offers to pay any tax demands that come my way as a result of my being in the wrong road tax bracket in 5 years time. But pigs might fly, so bye bye VW then …

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