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A90 Lunatic crossing at Forfar junction. #MadDrivingStories

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It’s near peak lunch hour time Tuesday 3rd November, the A90 Dundee to Forfar is a busy busy dual carraigeway with a lot of freight and agricultural activity as well as the normal high speed cars in any and all conditions that just drive fast regardless.


The visibility is poor, it’s raining and I’m manoeuvring into the right hand fast lane to take the right turn into Forfar. The speed of the traffic is still fast despite the foggy conditions. I see this red pickup in the inside lane as I’m decelarating into the slip lane, then suddenly the pickup crosses two fast flowing lanes of traffic to skip ahead of me in the slip road. The resultant hard braking and roar of truck horns was deserved to say the least.

The driver was a man in his late 50’s and he seemed unconcerned at what he had just done. Not only did he endanger the two lanes of traffic he crossed, he risked his life just crossing those lanes, but had he been hit by the lorry in the inside lane or the speeding car overtaking that lorry, then I would have been taken out, likely into the path of the speeding traffic on the opposite carraigeway.

The manoeuvre was absolutely insane at any time and both he and I were incredibly lucky not to be taken out. Unconcerned, the driver just carried on seemingly oblivious. I took his number plate and considered reporting him but the moment passed.

I decided instead to begin a wee record here #MadDrivingStories on my blog detailing some of the mad things I see on my daily drive to and from work and at weekends in and around Angus. I’d be interested if anyone knows a quick method to report these incidents and if anything is actually done about them!


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