Cameron and the Highands #TheatreNews #Oil

Dundee Rep Theatre, The Cheviot, The Stag and the Black Black Oil. The play first run in the 70’s is recreated and modernised by the Rep Ensemble and a thoroughly thought provoking play it is, tragic is the tale that portrays the march of rampant capitalism as the cause of immeasurable suffering and austerity on a scale even now you could not imagine living with.

A couple of references in the play to David Cameron’s family and the Astor family to name but a few, as still holding power beyond belief over the people and driving the cause of capitalism forward. A quick internet search on the Astor family and the following article / series of posts comes up. Interesting reading. Clearly as with all modern written word the authenticity and accuracy of the link cannot be verified.

The play is well worth a visit and runs for another couple of weeks.

The play was reviewed in the local press, not a particularly in depth review and having seen the play almost sounds like the author didn’t actually see the play end to end.

The stage reviews it in summary.