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Calais cheaper solution just bring them to the UK, process their claim and disperse around country ? #UKNews #MigrantCrisis

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Thee are some 3 to 5 thousand #migrants seeking a refuge in the UK. They are sitting blocked at Calais costing French and British business millions of pounds in lost time, lost business and lost faith in each other. The British Government answer is to setup a base at Calais with various supposed deterrent measures costing additional millions of pounds to support.

Am I alone in thinking it would simply be easier to transport all the migrants to the #UK. Accommodate them in ex Military barracks. I would remind people that the barracks used to house our own military personnel, so if it’s good enough for them, then there ought to be no issues accommodating migrants on a temporary  basis while their claims are processed quickly.

All the migrants should be issued with a Migrant Passport, a kind of temporary visa, without which no support will be given of any kind. If you cannot produce your migrant passport when applying for jobs or benefits then the authorities are informed and you are immediately deported from the UK .

The problem of course is that any checks or passports or ID cards rely on a society that has political  and business integrity that is free from corruption, sadly the UK is no longer that country. We have sunk into the trough of widespread corruption and dishonesty driven by the greed of businesses and politicians. The straightforward tough honest approach is also resisted by the minority who vocally support the rights of everyone to everything even if there is only one of them. The sad thing is these minority interests get more attention than the majority thinking within the country. Deporting someone becomes a lengthy costly process that hits the majority in the pocket where their taxes are liberally used to defend that single issue interest while totally disregarding the majority democracy we are suppposed to be living in.

It seems that for the numbers involved, the UK could be seen to be much more accommodating if the government just thought it through a little more. I recall as a child, around 1975, we managed to support Vietnamese boat people in their time of need, I’m sure that we could do the same here then implement tighter controls on any that follow, where at least they would be in more manageable numbers.

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