Police Service in Crisis after ignoring a reported car crash for 3 days. Two people now dead.

Update 12 July 2015 – It has just been announced that the critically ill second person in this accident – Lamara Bell has died. This tragic incident has now taken two lives. The investigations will no doubt reveal what the person involved was thinking by not recording that call in the appropriate system that would have seen the reported accident followed up. Wider calls are now being made to investigate the operations and confidence in Police Scotland.

Your partner lying dead beside you, you’re critically ill and have survived a car crash. The police have been called and they leave you there for 3 days.

It’s a story of nightmares, but it’s a true story. Yesterday morning 8th July the police finally turn up at a crash site on the M9 motorway near Stirling in Scotland. Police were informed late on Sunday morning 5th July that a car had gone off the road on the M9 motorway, but failed to respond to the report. Not only was a report made about the car crash but the couple involved were also reported missing and investigations were ongoing around that incident.

This reveals some very serious questions around the confidence that people have in Police Scotland to undertake their duties and responsibilities. The case is now with the Police Investigations and Review Commissioner.

The story in detail can be found in the local Dundee Courier Newspaper of 9th July 2015 and on their Website.


There is also reporting on the BBC around this.