Big Six Rip Off in full swing, no stopping them.. #Rants #EnergyNews

Shocked and stunned and not a little bit amazed. Well who could believe it………

The BIG SIX Energy companies have been over-charging us by the BILLION. The competitions and marketing authority have released their report on competition in the energy market, or more accurately the lack of competition. The BBC say it’s our own fault we should have switched more, the CMA are not saying this in the summary report. The CMA talks more about transparency and coherence in the markets.

The problem is that the reports are more a snapshot of how it is and what could “possibly” be done. It’s effectively toothless as there are not actual actions to reduce energy prices to the consumer.

You can read the CMA Government Summary Report here :->

A list of potential measures to correct the market is here ->

The CMA Website is here :->

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