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UK Debt Clock :: National Debt of United Kingdom

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UK Debt Clock :: National Debt of United Kingdom.

JUNE 2015 – NEWS FLASH NATIONAL DEBT IS DOWN The current figure (at time of print) £1.48 trillion. It’s the end of the first month of a new Government. Tax take cycle is high due to the end of the tax year, but good news, the #NationalDebt figure is down.

The UK Trade Deficit for May narrowed to £1.2 Billion pounds, to you and I that’s the part of the cheque account overdraft !! For the year to date this is the starting figure since we have just moved into a new financial year. Last year’s total overdraft is stated below. It’s very difficult to track down reliable figures on the deficit figure, but we will aim to be as accurate as possible over the coming monthly updates


As of Q1 2015 #UK…

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