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JLR – Reliable or not ? Have your say now.

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Just how reliable are JLR vehicles …… ? 

With #JLR producing ever more attractive cars to tempt us, just how reliable are the cars in every day use. The firm have recently been blamed for dragging all of the UK down the reliability rating table due to poor performance, this was according to a Warranty Direct listing. The story was here :-  and the last line of the piece included the following quote “‘German reliability’ is an oft-used phrase, but as demonstrated here, the country’s output as a whole doesn’t match up to its close neighbours, the French, whose cars as a whole are more reliable.”

So the open question is – just how reliable are JLR ? If you drive one, own one have experience of one then let us have your comments and lets see what the real picture out there is.



Here’s Why Land Rover Doesn’t Care About JD Power Ratings – an amusing read …….

That’s right, folks: JD Power recently released the results of its latest Customer Service Index study, which rates customer satisfaction with dealership service departments. Cadillac topped the charts, with Audi close behind, presumably because they finally ended the longstanding practice of giving out recently-traded 2004 Volkswagen Golfs as loaner cars. And Land Rover finished dead freakin’ last.

No, I take that back. Land Rover didn’t just finish last. They got destroyed. If you look at the survey, nearly all premium brands are clustered between 840 and 870 points out of a possible 1,000. The premium brand average was 855, and the worst non-Land Rover brands – Volvo, Acura, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Porsche – are all between 840 and 848.

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